It is not easy to answer those questions because the term “Podology” is not well defined, and it includes several activities or profesions which are not practiced everywhere in the same way.
Pedicure, Podiatrist, Chyropody…

What I am doing is :

  1. Proceeding to a complete clinical examination (anamnesis). Static and Dynamic.
    Using mobilisation, testing, and electronic devices such as podometric platform (2m long) for walking,running analysis
  2. Designing and producing custom made insoles for any type of shoes (sport, business, casual, sandales, high heels)

I am dealing with disorders such as :

  • Foot- Flat foot, Hallux Valgus, Hammer toes, pain in the middle of the forefoot “matatarsalgia”, stress fractures, fasciitis, aponeurosis…
  • Leg and Knee- Shin splint, Tensor Fascia Lata (TFL), Instability of the patella, Knee valgum X shape, Knee varum () shape…
  • Hip and back-Scoliosis, Sciatic pain, Discopathy, Difference of length of the leg…

Podology concern everyone, from children who learn how to walk to senior in loss of autonomy.
Orthopedic insoles can treat disorders of the foot but also prevent them.
Moreover insoles may be used before and after foot surgery.