Pricing & Policy

What you should know before the visit :

Clinical Examination

The examination takes about 45-60 minutes and costs 180 PLN.
During the examination I run a few mobility tests (feet, knee hips, spine), and using the podometric platform I perform static and dynamic analysis.



The price of a pair of insoles depend of the size of your shoes:

Below size 36 : 350 PLN
Between 36-42 : 370 PLN
Above 42 : 390 PLN


Before Your 1st Appointment

Since my objective is to best adapt the insoles to the shoes you wear, during the first visit please bring a few pairs of your footwear (different kinds : casual, sports, business, school…).
I do my best to make your insoles as adaptable as possible, so you could use them with various pairs. It is, however, not possible to adapt the same pair of insoles to every shoe you own – f.ex.: sport insoles will not fit high heel shoes.
All patients need to come prepared for the examination.
You shall be wearing comfortable, preferably sports undergarmets – neutral and not restricting your movements. It is important since I may ask you to undress in order to perform a complete clinical examination.
Also, if you have any medical documentation (USG, X-Ray, MRI…) it is recommended to bring it with you.